New Media = New Forms and Conventions


Here’s a great illustration of one of the key ideas in media studies: the way in which the forms and conventions of media texts are influenced by the technologies used to create them. In turn, forms and conventions influence representations and the impact upon the audience. You start with a daily newspaper, which has to be filled every day, and you get that odd mix of hard news, soft news, comment, features etc. that is the modern newspaper. You switch from a broadsheet format to a tabloid, and suddenly your newspaper has a more “tabloid” style of reporting.

Consider The Times. These days, the editor has to pick – usually – just one main story for the front page – just like a traditional tabloid editor.

Anyway, Bebo have just launched an online comedy. What form does online comedy take? Well, we’ve already established, on YouTube, that two or three minutes is the ideal format to grab the bored office worker or the short-attention-span teenager. Enter Chelsey: OMG:

Two three-minute episodes of Chelsey: OMG will be screened on each week, along with a host of additional footage featuring Chelsey and other characters.

via The Guardian