Ads for horror game banned by ASA

Vintage American Legion posters (see second story below)

Vintage American Legion posters (see second story below)

Further to our discussion of horror games, you may be interested the read the following story (link after quote):

The Advertising Standards Authority received nine complaints that the TV ads were distressing, condoned violence and were offensive.

Sega Europe said that Condemned 2 was a horror game targeted at "mature consumers" with an over-18 rating from the British Board of Film Classification.


Here’s a link to some vintage American Legion Posters, including Save Waste Fats (above).

Thanks to BoingBoing for that link, and here’s another interesting BoingBoing story – the apparently trivial matter of a package of fruit with an EULA (End User Licence Agreement). This is the kind of thing you have to click AGREE to when you install software. Almost nobody reads them, except that guy who spotted that the (original) EULA for Google’s Chrome browser indicated that if you uploaded something, it belonged to Google.

Anyway, this relates to my pet hatred of media science reporting. The tenor of reports about GM food is always that “Frankenstein” foods are going to cross-contaminate the food supply, as if there was something inherently impure about GM food. Actually, the real issue is this: that the seed companies and agro-corporations want to put a copyright symbol on everything and restrict your right to use things as you wish – just as media corporations try to do with music, movies, and TV shows.

Their dream is actually a future in which a licence fee is payable on genetic material – seeds, in other words. The EULA on the pack of grapes reads, “The recipient of the produce contained in this package agrees not to propagate or reproduce any portion of the produce, including (but not limited to) seeds, stems, tissue and fruit.”

Ironic that they’re seedless grapes!


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