Shut up and play records


University of the West of England research shows that DJs, including Chris Moyles, are encouraging irresponsible drinking – before the watershed.

BBC NEWS | Health | Stop promoting alcohol, DJs told.


4 thoughts on “Shut up and play records

  1. dale butler

    i think it is irresponsible of the radio to be talking about drinking alcohol and drunken nights out as this would definitely encourage the younger generation, but on the other hand it is good entertainment and interesting to listen to, as there is humour behind it and older people can associate to it. people would rather listen to this, rather than a boring conversation. In a way i think this makes it more popular because fans can see what they get up to.

  2. Mike

    I also heard that the Chris Moyles show specifically came under attack for producing a segment where one of the team has to drink 10 units a day, for 3 weeks, to see how it affects his body.

    Apparently, this is ‘glorifying’ the affects of drinking alcohol, or binge drinking. Which is ridiculous, as from the video blogs, it seems he’s having a horrid time.

    It’s like saying that Morgan Spurlock glorifies eating junk food in ‘Supersize me’.

    The link to the video blog is although you may have to look through to find the right entries.

    Just my tuppence worth.

  3. kelly

    “Researchers analysed comments on BBC and commercial radio shows about drinking and found presenters talked about drinking on air, being hungover at work and wetting themselves while drunk” telegraph web.
    This surely cannot be seen as a positive side of drinking. Please tell me what part of the above sounds appealing or cool? I therefore feel that talking about drinking on the radio is only sharing bad experiences or stories with a embarrassing ending. The radios audience is laughing or cringing at this, thinking to themselves “I hope that never happens to me.”
    This is not encouraging younger listeners to drink but to only think of how off putting drinking can be!

  4. Rob

    @Kelly, it’s a fair enough point, but I think there’s a kind of macho posturing involved here, as in, “I was soooooo wasted, that…” The fact that it’s neither big nor clever just adds to the kudos.

    @Mike, surely the point is that everyone should already know what 10 units of alcohol per day will do to you – so what’s the reasoning behind the experiment?

    @Dale, well, my title for this post is my opinion: I prefer music to DJ patter!

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