Film 4’s Frightfest and Hrr on TV


Thursday 21 August sees the start of Film 4’s horror festival: Frightfest.

The Venue is the Odeon cinema in the West End of London, and you can get either a full festival pass or a day pass (to see all the films on that day), or just a single ticket. I’m not sure how many are still available, but if you’re keen to see some bang-up-to-date horror films, this is the place to go. Is that contemporary enough, AQA? Kiss my face.

To coincide with the festival, Film 4 are showing a raft of horror films over the coming week or so, including KM31 (which was a hit at last year’s Firghtfest), One Missed Call, The Grudge, They, Grudge 2, Ju-on, Deep Red, Suspiria, The Descent, 28 Days Later, and even The Blair Witch Project. Some of those are even “contemporary”, and certainly an improvement on treating Scream as a “contemporary” example.