Thursday’s interesting stories


1. According to the World Bank, biofuels are causing the price of food to rise. No credit crunch was hurt in the making of this headline.

2. In the twisted fantasy of the Old Media in their battle against the New, they’re at that bit in Lord of the Rings when all seems lost, but then Gandalf (US court) forces Sauron (Google) to reveal the identity of all his orcs. They really think they’re going to hold back the tide, forcing Google to release YouTube data.

3. Oh Lord, now they’re applying the word “crunch” to other things as well. What’s next? Climate Crunch?

4. According to the Telegraph, the Bear Market is on its way. Market crunch, I mean.

5. World of Warcraft: 11 million users – this article examines the phenomenon.

6. The Independent offers some great photography from the past 7 days.