Horror on TV this week



ITV2 has Hannibal at 11.15 – described as a Horror thriller (three stars). Directed by Ridley Scott, it was an 18 certificate (2001). Worldwide box office gross was over $351m, on a production budget of just $87m, which makes for a pretty darn profitable film. Personally, I can’t stand SIR ANTHONY HOPKINS.
Film4 has the more promising Russian horror Night Watch at 1.10am, a 15 certificate in 2004. Radio Times says, “One of the highest-grossing Russian horror fantasies of all time is a convoluted but inventive epic charting the battle between the forces of Light and Darkness.” So, sort of like Mac vs. PC, then, but in Russian. BOM lists it as making almost £34m world-wide, hardly any of which was earned in the USA. The film has another showing on Film4 on Friday at 1.25am


Final episode of season three of Supernatural is on ITV2 at 9.00.
Meanwhile, ITV4 has Joe Dante’s The Howling (a “knowing comedy horror,” it says here) at 11.10. It was an 18 certificate back in 1981.


Something called The Crow:Wicked Prayer is on Film4 at 11.25pm. Looks rubbish.


It’s slim pickings for the horror genre this week, but there is an outing on Film4 tonight for Bullitt, the 1968 Steve McQueen vehicle. Car chase, Ford Mustang, etc, etc., but most especially Steve McQueen not saying very much. In 1968, McQueen was probably the world’s top box office star. Ten years earlier, at the beginning of his career, he appeared in the Sci-Fi-Horror B-movie The Blob. in 1978, ten years after Bullitt, he was near the end of his career, and appeared in his third-from-last film, An Enemy of the People, which features one of my all-time favourite lines: the majority is always wrong.