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1. Redesigned full-colour Sunday Times will launch this weekend.

2. BBC disses ITV.

3. Gaydar Radio (does this really exist?) is annoyed by yesterday’s story (see below) about the Heinz ad, and is calling for a boycott of Heinz. Which of Heinz’s 57 varieties could you not live without? Do consumer boycotts work?

4. From the Telegraph: apparently, the queen has only just got around to stripping Robert Mugabe of his (honorary) knighthood. I wonder if there are other dictators and mass-murderers wandering around with honours from our queen?

5. The Google defence. If people are habitually searching for naughty stuff on the internet, can it be deemed obscene?

6. Anniversaries are always rich pickings for stories, especially on slow news days. Almost every news outlet has stories about the report on last year’s floods. Here’s the Independent’s take. Apparently, last summer’s floods were “devastating.” If that’s so, what adjective should we use for the Boxing Day Tsunami?

7. BoingBoing has a link to an ABC news story about the comparative scariness of horror films and horror games. Worth a discussion, though I’ve never played what the American reporters call “Hrrrrr” videogames. There’s a bit in the ABC report (video, after the ad, unfortunately) where they talk about the radio giving out static when something supernatural is about to appear.

8. I’ve added a link to the blogroll (pause for snigger from the back) to an Introduction to Genre Theory. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Today’s Media Stories Today

  1. Dan Kirby

    Regarding 4.
    Found some more people who had their honours rescinded;

    # Nicolae Ceauşescu (Genocide in Romania.
    # Benito Mussolini (WWII)
    # Franz Joseph I (WWI)
    # Wilhelm II (WWI)
    # Prince Wilhelm (WWI)
    # Prince Heinrich (WWI)
    # Grand Duke Ernst Ludwig of Hesse and by Rhine (WWI)
    # Duke Carl Eduard (WWI)
    # King William II (WWI)
    # Emperor Hirohito ((WWII) although later got his honour restored.)

  2. Chris Hobson


    Couldn’t the judges in the ” Google Defence” article have used this search in google:

    define: obscene

    Surely they’d then have an answer both they and google agree on. As far as Googles ” CHROME ” browser is concerned, anything you do, attempt to do or think of doing could be a matter for the CIA. I think I’ll stick to good old IE (viva Microsoft)


    Homework done…..

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